Prime Redefines Partnership throughout 2017

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As we reflect on 2017, one word stands out above all others at Prime Numbers Technology: partnership. The bedrock of our success this year, both internally and externally, has been exceptional collaboration, an openness to new ideas, and empowerment gained from constructive criticism.

In today’s world, technology and ideas are evolving faster than ever. In order to develop the best solutions and services within this rapidly changing landscape, we must rely on one another.

This year at Prime, we dared to redefine terms like customer, vendor, manager, employee, and competitor. We have sought to learn from each of these groups by listening to the various perspectives and criticism of our latest products and services. This feedback has been invaluable, as we know there is always work to be done and improvements to make. We have also re-evaluated our competition and instead found trusted partners: partners who help us build greater products than either party could alone.

The result of all these efforts? Deeper, more mutually beneficial relationships and improved products and services.

By strengthening our existing customer relationships and establishing new industry partnerships, we have challenged ourselves to grow in new directions. We have taken the time to strengthen our internal teams and expand upon existing industry expertise. We have combined this increased internal capacity and knowledge with the insights from our partnerships in order to develop new, industry-leading solutions throughout 2017; is it our goal to continue this work in 2018.

Prime’s continued dedication to partnership is part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best offerings in the industry. Our internal teams will listen carefully to all stakeholders throughout 2018 to ensure that we deliver on this commitment. We’re looking forward to the new year’s challenges, as there will be opportunities to learn, communicate, and grow.

On behalf of the Prime Numbers Technology team, Happy Holidays and have a prosperous New Year!

Mark Bresnahan
VP & General Manager, Prime Numbers Technology

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