AMIGo: 2017’s Enhancement to Client Value

At Atlas, our focus is to constantly provide new value to our clients. In 2017, this dedication to service led to the development of AMIGo, our mobile travel app.

Our goal for AMIGo, or Atlas Mobile Information on the Go, was simple: to ensure that our clients’ travelers always have access to critical travel information and agent support. In order to gain insight into what travelers’ value, we introduced AMIGo as our featured product at the 2017 GBTA Convention in Boston, MA. We showcased the app’s tremendous capabilities at our booth’s two interactive stations, to the delight of the various convention attendees.

“What grabbed people’s attention immediately was that AMIGo is not just another itinerary management app,” says Victor Johnson, Solutions Portfolio Director. “Beyond the expected itinerary details, users benefit from significant personalization capabilities. What’s more, AMIGo allows users to accomplish tasks that would otherwise require multiple apps, which adds enormous value to a traveler’s experience.”

Taking convention-goers feedback and enthusiasm for AMIGo back to the office, our team began beta-testing and refining the app. This process allowed us to enhance the app further before making it available exclusively to our clients by December 4th.

Through unwavering access to information and support, AMIGo ensures that your corporate travelers are never truly flying solo. In the event that the journey takes an unexpected turn, the app provides early warning with flight disruption PLAN A notifications.

Beyond these travel essentials, the app contains an array of features that allow users to personalize their trip, including: trip and location sharing, offline directions and destination maps, and trip journaling. For those travelers looking to maximize their trip by exploring in their off-time, the app offers information on restaurants, local activities, and night life. AMIGo even contains currency converters and foreign language phrasebooks for international excursions!

“Travel is very personal, and it was important for us to build a product that recognized this,” says Victor. “With AMIGo, you get to decide what information is important to you.”

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Current Atlas clients can download it from either the Apple Store or Google Play by searching for ‘Atlas AMIGo’ or ‘Atlas Travel AMIGo’. Once downloaded and the next travel reservation is made, users will receive an email invitation containing individual log-in information.

To learn more about the app, visit our dedicated AMIGo webpage.

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