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As travel agents, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard someone say, “Travel agency? Those still exist??” And while we expect to hear it, we can’t help but feel a little sad when we do: it’s a dead give-away that someone’s missing out on significant travel value.

When you work with an Atlas Travel Vacation Specialist, you’re benefiting not only from our personal expertise, but also from our entire agency’s resources. At Atlas Travel, these resources include an extensive, worldwide network of industry partners stemming from our Ensemble Travel ® Group relationship.

For almost fifty years, the Ensemble Travel ® Group has amplified the reach and power of its member agencies. Ensemble’s partnership provides Atlas with increased access to travel suppliers, who in turn provide us with exclusive product offerings and added value; as our client, you gain access to customized trip experiences and exclusive offers virtually inaccessible anywhere else.

In addition, Ensemble Travel ® hosts an annual International Conference for its U.S, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand members. The gathering is an incredible opportunity to hone new skills and learn from leading industry experts. It’s also a unique opportunity for agencies to network with suppliers and negotiate exclusive deals thanks to continued partnership.

The 2017 Ensemble Travel ® Group International Conference

This year’s conference, held in Dallas, Texas from October 16 – 20th, was an incredible experience for Atlas Travel. We had a diverse group of employees attend, representing multiple business divisions and benefiting from the conference’s various resources.

A few of our Vacation Specialists participated in Front Line training, which sharpened their skills via exposure to the latest resources and industry insights. The training also put our team face-to-face with both partner agents and suppliers, who in turn introduced them to new contacts. This strengthening of existing relationships and forging of new ones was truly invaluable.

In addition, our marketing team participated in numerous educational sessions. The classes, led by industry experts, discussed ways to capitalize on industry trends through updated marketing procedures. The team, including Atlas Travel’s Director of Leisure Services, Karen McCrink, also spent significant time networking with Ensemble suppliers and vendors. These meetings, held with national account managers and sales executives, ensured Atlas’ partnerships remain competitive within the market.

Beyond providing benefits to industry members, the conference is an opportunity to give back. Each year, the Ensemble community participates in a charity auction. This year, Ensemble members raised $300,000: $260,000 supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation and $40,000 towards hurricane recovery efforts.

Overall, Atlas’ participation within the Ensemble Travel ® Group ensures constant value to our clients. Whether you’re looking for unique vacation travel recommendations or exclusive offers and amenities, Atlas Travel Vacations & Cruises will exceed expectations. Give us a try, and you’ll see why travel agencies are not only still around, but thriving.

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