The Beat Live and NDCs: Elaine and Lea’s Report

Recently, CEO Elaine Osgood and President Lea Cahill attended the 10th annual The Beat Live meeting in Dallas, TX. The meeting featured multiple informational sessions and speakers spread over two days. The Beat Live also included a networking event at the AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

“Attending the Beat Live was time very well spent. I enjoyed the two day event, which was filled with thought-provoking speeches, presentations, and panel discussions. The topics covered during the meeting, including disruptors, NDC and distribution, and emerging technologies, are all relevant to our industry and to Atlas Travel as we plan our strategy for 2018 and beyond,” says Elaine.

One of the more prevalent topics during the meeting was the rise of NDCs, or New Distribution Capabilities. An IATA standard, NDCs aim to improve communication between airlines and travel agencies… but is it really new?

“The NDC IATA resolution suggests that resellers may integrate with airline content through a development standard utilizing XML; this is not new to developers and may be considered by some not preferred or outdated,” says Lea.  “While NDCs seem to open the door for travel management companies to connect directly to a carrier, the process would still require aggregation like what’s provided by the Global Distribution Systems used at Atlas. The idea that a TMC would develop and maintain the connection to each and every airline individually, versus the use of an aggregator, has tremendous cost implications. It’s not outlandish for agencies to consider connecting directly to a carrier, but it would require significant work to develop and maintain that connection.

“At Atlas Travel, we are pleased that our distribution partners, Sabre and Amadeus, are working with the airlines to resolve distribution issues. The full impact NDCs will pose to travel management is still unknown, and we’re following the development very closely.”

Our dedication to attending industry events stems from our focus on you, our customer.  We will continuously plan for and adapt to the future of travel while keeping you informed.

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