Premier Incentive Travel Get-Away: Crystal Springs

Have you ever worked for a company that offered a lavish, luxury getaway for its top performers? If not, I hope you have the opportunity – these types of corporate rewards are great motivators and contribute to a positive work environment. If you already have, did you ever wonder how your organization was able to offer such a perk?

More likely than not, your company worked with a professional meetings and incentives team. Incentive travel professionals are experts in arranging VIP getaways on behalf of companies of all sizes. Every aspect of the trip, from travel logistics to site selection, is meticulously prepared. Such partnerships allow your company to offer some serious rewards without worrying about the execution while your honored guests, the lucky recipients, enjoy the spoils.

Atlas Travel’s Meetings and Incentives team has over twenty years’ experience developing corporate reward programs and arranging incentive travel. Meetings and Incentives Director Jennifer Murphy is also a member of SITE, or the Society of Incentive Travel Executives. The leading global authority on all things incentive travel, SITE provides members special educational opportunities and previews of unique experiences. Recently, SITE hosted an event for its New England members (including Director Murphy) at Crystal Springs Resort.

Incentive Travel Preview: Crystal Springs Resort

Nestled within the Kittatinny Mountains, Crystal Springs Resort is a true Appalachian escape.  Casual yet upscale, this secluded mountain retreat is surprisingly accessible – just an hour outside NYC in Hamburg, New Jersey.

The resort offers two separate accommodations: the Grand Cascades Lodge and the Minerals Hotel.  Both properties sport fine dining, on-site spas, fitness centers, and an array of room options; however, our excursion focused on the Grand Cascades Lodge.

Incentive Travel, Crystal Springs resort

The Grand Cascades Lodge is a four-star establishment and undoubtedly the region’s most spectacular property. The Adirondack-styled lodge boasts both single room and condo-style units, with suites offering an array of amenities: full kitchens, sunken baths, stone fireplaces, and terraces with stunning views of the surrounding golf courses and mountain vistas.

Incentive Travel Crystal Springs bedroom

Incentive Travel Crystal Springs kitchen

Incentive Travel Crystal Springs living room

Incentive Travel Crystal Springs terrace

While both accommodations at Crystal Springs provide indoor and outdoor swimming, the Grand Cascades Lodge hosts the resort’s aquatic gem: the Biosphere. The massive, tropical pool complex has indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, a steam room and sauna, and even a waterslide. Each feature is constricted in or around a ‘mountain,’ surrounded by lush foliage. Special German Foiltec roofing allows for year-round tanning, and the retractable roof ensures the space can be used regardless of the season.

If swimming isn’t your style, the resort offers a wide array of leisure and recreational activities, including: hiking, kayaking, golfing, fishing, archery, horseback riding, bicycling, skiing, and snowshoeing, just to name a few. Director Murphy was able to experience both foot golf and trap and skeet shooting with clay disk targets; she highly recommends both!

Incentive Travel Crystal Springs foot golf

Incentive Travel Crystal Springs trap & skeet

Those who need to refuel after a day of relaxation or recreation can choose from the resort’s nine dining venues. While most options are casual, Crystal Springs has its own four-star eatery: Restaurant Latour. An exclusive dining experience, Restaurant Latour only serves forty-two guests each evening. The restaurant also closes when a private group dines in the wine cellar. The six-course meal is accompanied by wine pairings from Crystal Springs’ private cellar, which Director Murphy was fortunate enough to tour. The collection contains over 6,000 bottles, providing options for even the most selective wine aficionado.

Incentive Travel Crystal Springs wine cellar

No matter the type of rejuvenation you’re looking for, Crystal Springs can provide. Director Murphy highly recommends the property for both corporate meetings and incentive travel rewards. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to experience this venue’s magic through your company’s rewards program!

If you’d like to provide your employees with an incentive trip to Crystal Springs, contact Director Murphy and her team today! Want to go to this property on a personal vacation? The Atlas Travel Vacations and Cruises can coordinate your trip and transportation down to the resort!

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