Atlas Travel Meetings & Incentives Attends Cvent Connect 2017

In order to create the best event experience for our clients, the Atlas Travel Meetings & Incentives team is trained in a multitude of event registration and marketing tools. However, Cvent’s dynamic event technologies are currently our primary solution.

Cvent Connect 2017

Recently, two members of the Atlas Travel Meetings & Incentives team attended the Cvent Connect conference in Las Vegas. At the conference, Cvent demonstrated the capabilities and effectiveness of their solutions, one being the OnArrival system. This solution serves many purposes. First, it allows event attendees to check in and receive their credentials in about a minute’s time, cutting down the long waits that can occur at large events. Secondly, during the check in process an RFID chip is added to the attendees credentials. In addition to showcasing their products, Cvent Connect included many informative sessions. This chip tracks the specific attendee and provides insight into which sessions they attend. By using this data, the event planner can analyze what sessions were the most effective to improve future events.


Cvent Flex

During the conference, Cvent also introduced the latest addition to their portfolio, Cvent Flex. “Cvent Flex completely re-designs the way planners interact with a website design platform,” says Amanda Lukowski, one of Atlas Travel’s Meeting & Event Coordinators. “It makes website creation effortless and enjoyable for planners who might not have a background, or extensive experience, in web design.”

This tool allows planners to effectively create and manage event web pages easier with three key focuses:

  • Build: The widget-based, drag and drop interface makes it easy to generate and place content. Live preview functionality eliminates the guesswork and provides constant visual feedback as the planner builds the website.
  • Design: Flex gives planners more freedom to create event sites that match brands and image. The site designer allows for simple style changes, including typography, borders, backgrounds, and more.
  • Registration Management: With full control over the registration process, planners can customize the registration path based on business or industry needs. Registration can be as simple as a one-page form, or it can be built to accommodate multiple attendee types and profiles.


To ensure our clients fully benefit from the latest technologies, our team is currently beta-testing the Cvent Flex tool. As a result, our client’s needs and feedback will have a direct impact on the tool’s further development.

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