Atlas Travel & Technology Group Hosts Resurg Best Practices Group

Recently, ATTG had the pleasure of hosting a best practices group, led by Mark Jenkins from the Resurg Group, at our new headquarters in Marlborough, MA. The group was composed of travel executives from TMCs, all of which are located in Australia with the exception of one from Canada. Team members from ATTG, Atlas Travel, and Prime Numbers met with this group to discuss such things as the innovations, challenges, similarities, and differences within our respective markets.

“It’s always a pleasure to spend time with other business owners who are passionate about their companies and are willing to share best practices. This type of experience always teaches me something but equally important it confirms that we are doing a lot of great things at ATTG,” says Elaine Osgood, CEO of Atlas Travel & Technology Group.

Lea Cahill, President, adds, “we were proud to show off the accomplishments of our teams, along with our beautiful new worldwide headquarters.  From the on-set of the meeting, conversation was flowing as if we were old friends united around one theme, our passion for the evolution of the travel industry.”


The Group consisted of:

  • Dan Russell, Globenet Travel
  • John Cooney, Helloworld Mackay & Mt Pleasant
  • Karsten Horne, Reho Melbourne
  • Gil McLachlan, Travel & Living/McLachlan Travel Group
  • Peter Hosper, The Travel Authority Group
  • Rob Durant, WD World Travel

Those present from ATTG, Atlas Travel, and Prime Numbers Technology included:

  • Elaine Osgood, CEO, ATTG
  • Lea Cahill, President, ATTG
  • Christy Conrow, Vice President; Business Development & Program Management, Atlas Travel
  • Mark Bresnahan, Vice President & General Manager, Prime Numbers Technology
  • Robin Carter, Consulting Advisor, Prime Numbers Technology
  • Kate Saab, Director; Data Integration & Business Intelligence, Prime Numbers Technology
  • Karen McCrink, Director; Leisure Travel Services, Atlas Travel
  • Ryan Ranahan, Marketing Manager, ATTG

Other team members who were at our headquarters had the opportunity to meet and talk with the group during the luncheon portion of the day.


There were many key takeaways that came out of the meeting, one of which is the presence of data analytics and benchmarking.

“Data cleanliness, predictive analytics, and relevant benchmarking are important to TMCs and travel programs across the globe,” says Mark Bresnahan, Vice President & General Manager of Prime Numbers Technology. “Australian TMCs are experiencing the same challenges and gaps in traditional reporting tools that we have addressed in the U.S. There is an opportunity for us to collaborate with tools like Prime Analytics and Prime Sourcing to provide access to meaningful and actionable data insights with ease.”

In addition to discussing business strategy and challenges, the group also touched upon the ways they engage with their unique communities and what causes they are passionate about.

“It was such a nice opportunity to spend the day with these incredible industry and thought leaders from around the globe. We had the opportunity to discuss our shared challenges and individual successes, including some of the incredible work they are doing for the environment as well as their communities in their association with Certified B Corporations. I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future,” says Christy Conrow, Vice President; Business Development & Program Management.

We look forward to future engagement with this group of leaders as well as other opportunities to interact with other groups of colleagues in the market place.

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