The Journey is the Destination on a River Cruise

The vast majority of people, if not everyone, dreams of exploring the world. For many people, however, it’s the traveling that keeps them from traveling.

Familiar with the phrase, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”? Those who’ve spent more time (un)packing bags, stressing over transportation, and just getting there rather than BEING at their final destination, might argue against its wisdom. For them, the hassle of getting from Point A to Point B outweighs the desire to see Point B.

But what if the journey was also the destination?

Set Sail on a River Cruise

A river cruise is the perfect trip option for those who want to get the most out of their vacation. Unlike ocean cruises, a river cruise allows travelers to experience the countryside while on the water. The ship’s proximity to the shore allows for full immersion into the landscapes, even as you comfortably unwind from the day’s adventures.

Another bonus: on a river cruise, travelers can access multiple cities and countries without booking multiple hotel and transportation arrangements. Simply unpack your bags, settle into your cabin, and enjoy waking up to a new city and a new adventure!

A New Take on River Cruises

When it comes to maximizing the benefits of river cruising, one cruise line is making some serious strides: Avalon Waterways. This cruise line paid special attention to the benefits of river cruises and built their products around those features.

Without question, the view is one of the most appealing aspects of a river cruise. Avalon Waterways has taken this into account by building their suites around the view.

For starters, the bed is angled to face the window. Whether you’re stretching out after a full day’s activity or waking up to your next destination, the sights are always in sight for Avalon travelers. And with wall-to-wall windows, the view is bigger and clearer than ever.

River Cruise_Avalon Artistry II Panorama Suite

Avalon has also developed the industry’s first Open-Air Balcony. Traditional balconies, narrow decks distinctly separate from suites, limit room space. The Open-Air Balcony allows travelers to enjoy the outside simultaneously with the comforts of their room. As a result, suites are 30% larger than the industry’s average stateroom. As an added bonus, the innovative design allows for year-round enjoyment, in fair or rough weather.

In addition to the elevated room experience, Avalon has made a point to balance indulgence and comfort throughout the ship. The ships boast fine but relaxed dining, onboard activities and entertainment, and both organized and independent onshore excursions.

Whether you’ve been on a river cruise before, or if you’re considering it for the first time, Avalon could be your perfect fit. And while the summer lasts, you could save up to $2500 on a 2018 trip!

As a special bonus, we’ll be providing insights into an itinerary that the 2018 trip discount applies to. Check back in on our blog over the next few weeks for a sneak-peak!


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