Delta Airlines App: Miles Above The Competition

Do you fly Delta Airlines? Have you downloaded the latest version of their app?

I must say, I travel a variety of airlines, but every time I fly Delta I’m really impressed with their app. It includes the usual features you find with other carriers, such as flight status, push updates, boarding passes, seat maps, and more. But the feature that sets Delta’s app apart is the ability to track your bags.

I was recently traveling to South Carolina for a business meeting on Delta. I was connecting in Atlanta to fly back to my home airport of Newark. While waiting to board my plane, I was continuously getting updates about the flight and where my luggage was. The app tracks every movement of your bag, which gives you great peace of mind when traveling.

We ended up having an equipment change because of a problem our plane had, and they decided to put us on a different plane back to Newark. By checking the app, I could see that my bag was still loaded onto the original plane that was no longer taking passengers back to New Jersey. However, shortly after the equipment change, I saw that my bag was being unloaded and was in the process of being moved onto my new plane. Once I arrived in Newark, within a few minutes after I got off of the plane, I got a push notification that my bag was off of the plane, and headed down to carousel.

After every flight, every traveler with a checked bag is nervous, wondering if their bag made it with them on their flight. Getting Delta’s push notification that your bag is off the plane and making its way down to you is such a good feeling.

If you don’t have the app yet and you have a smart phone, give it a try! Once you download the app, all you have to do is tie your frequent flyer number into your app and it’ll automatically track everything. I hope more airlines will invest in having this type of technology in the future, as the peace of mind its brought me on my travels has been priceless.

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