Throwback Thursday – Epilepsy Awareness in the Milford HQ

It’s Thursday, which not only means that the weekend is right around the corner, but it’s time to throw it back to… November!

November is national epilepsy awareness month. Epilepsy is a chronic disorder of the brain that causes recurrent and unprovoked seizures of varying extents. Did you know that epilepsy is the 4th more common neurological disorder?

Early in November, the ATTG community near Milford got together to show our support for Epilepsy and share awareness.

Knowledge is power, and this knowledge can save someone’s life. Please read a few stats from the Epilepsy Foundation and explore their website to educate yourself on what having epilepsy is like, and what you can do!

  • 65 MILLION: Number of people around the world who have epilepsy.
  • 3 MILLION: Number of people in the United States who have epilepsy.
  • 1 IN 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime.
  • BETWEEN 4 AND 10 OUT OF 1,000: Number of people on earth who live with active seizures at any one time.
  • 150,000: Number of new cases of epilepsy in the United States each year
  • ONE-THIRD: Number of people with epilepsy who live with uncontrollable seizures because no available treatment works for them.
  • 6 OUT OF 10: Number of people with epilepsy where the cause is unknown


Take some time today to educate yourself and others on epilepsy, the signs and symptoms, and how you can help share information and understanding!

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