Milford High’s HTM Students Come Back for a Visit!

Atlas partnered with the MHS’ Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) program, which began 2014, to show interested students the ins and outs of the travel industry. Through this partnership, the students have visited cruise ships, hosted two successful Travel Fairs (May 2015 and March 2015), held various internships, and more!

On Tuesday, November 7th, eight MHS students in the HTM program had the opportunity to visit Atlas’ Milford Headquarters to see directly how different departments work. The students were split up into groups to shadow leisure agents Karen McCrink (Director, Leisure Services) and Carmen Lopes (Vacation Travel Specialist) and corporate agents Jamila Adams (Sr. Corp. Travel Consultant) and Stacy Gavin (Sr. Corp. Travel Consultant). Another group sat in on a meeting with Mimi Cleary (VP, Supplier Relations & Strategic Sourcing), Rich Haft (Manager, Support Services) and Delta Airline’s representative, Barbara Tasho to hear and be part of a vendor discussion. The students were eager to learn and see first-hand what these different departments do on a day to day basis, and what areas of the travel industry they cover.

This partnership is a great opportunity for Atlas to give these curious students a glimpse into a future career in the travel industry and to give the students unique hands on experience in the industry before finishing high school. The students are planning a return trip to Atlas later this year so they can switch groups and get a well-rounded experience of the travel industry – stay tuned!

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