Travel Policy Plus – Your Complete Compliance Tool

At Atlas, we strive to find ways that we can enforce your travel policies effortlessly and without discomfort to your travelers. We have found that many companies struggle with keeping employees in compliance with their travel policies and that is why in 2004, Atlas created Travel Policy Plus (TPP), the first travel policy incentive program.

Recently, there was an article featured in The Beat about Rocketrip, a product that claimed to be the first, and until recently, the only travel policy incentive program out there. But Atlas Travel has been providing a travel policy recognition and reward program for over 13 years. Recently, we’ve been receiving many questions about how our program differs from Rocketrip, so I’d like to point out some key differentiators.

Probably the most important difference is that Travel Policy Plus is based on providing a customizable plan for each of our clients so that they can make the program work specifically for their company. Rocketrip for example, promotes a 50/50 share of the travel savings between the traveler and the company. While we agree that higher rewards yield higher adoption, we don’t limit ourselves to that formula. Instead, we offer various ways to share the savings depending on what works with your budget and what you feel is appropriate within your corporate culture.
Another key difference is the lack of manual work needed in TPP. Rocketrip often involves additional steps for the traveler and requires that they complete the travel booking within 24 hours of receiving Rocketrip’s “fare-saving code.” Travel Policy Plus, on the other hand, uses data that our sister company, Prime Numbers Technology, collects when Atlas is managing your travel program. Since we are already managing your travel, there is no need for travelers to supply us with any travel documentation or have a 24-hour deadline to book travel since that is based on savings achieved at the time of booking.
We designed the Travel Policy Plus program to provide bottom-line ROI while fostering a positive corporate culture and as a way to increase employee retention in a highly competitive market. For more information on Travel Policy Plus and how it can be a benefit to you and your company, please reach out to me at 508-488-1119. You can also find more information about our services here and the key reasons to use recognition in your travel program here.

Jennifer Murphy
Director, MICE
Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events

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