Atlas Sponsors a Stiletto

Colleen Brescia (Manager; Lead Generation and Direct Sales) was able to attend the Happy Feat fundraiser for Learn to Cope. Read about the event below! Thanks for attending such an amazing event, and for sharing with everyone!

The event was very successful! I have copied Eileen’s email, she is the founder of Happy Feat, so you can read about the results. The women from “Learn to Cope” spoke of their struggles with addiction in their families, they were amazing and so strong. The last picture is the one Eileen refers to in her email, the Atlas stiletto is in the middle!



Hi everyone,

I decided to share the results of this year’s Happy Feat Fundraiser with the entire database because in some way you are all responsible for this year’s amazing results.

The 2016 Happy Feat Fundraiser was an enormous success on every level:

Record attendance, most auction items, most raffle prizes and for me most fun (although I say that after every Happy Feat). Friday night was filled with nothing but positive energy and support a little glitter, music and lots of dancing.

I am thrilled to announce that the Happy Feat Fundraiser will be donating $17,600 to Lean to Cope. $5,600 more than my goal and $7,000 more than last year’s donation. I am speechless and beyond grateful. When I called Joanne Peterson from Learn to Cope to give her the good news she expressed her joy and appreciation and she told me it was one of the best night’s she has had in a long time.

What an extraordinary group of women you are. Look what we can accomplish as a team!!!

This year we tried something new, “Sponsor a Stiletto”  and It worked remarkably well. We raised over $3,000 in sponsorships alone. We had 40 individuals and businesses take part in our sponsorship program this year. If you know of any business that may want to take part next year please send me their contact information and I will GLADLY add them to our list. Sponsorships start at $25.00 and as we can see this year…they can really add up and make a big difference. I have attached a photo of the framed display form this year so you can take a look at the all the beautifully styled stilettos.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Keep smiling and dancing.

Happy Feat 2017 is only 359 days away…Friday April 28, 2017 (last Friday in April).

All the best,

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